The Camera Lady..

Living in Rotorua with my very own Tarzan, my fianc√©- Kris (he literally works a job that requires swinging through the trees) and my two daughters, I am either found keeping busy with my little ones, taking photos or doing both.

I was a qualified, registered ECE teacher up until my second child was born where the demands of work/life meant I needed to be at home for a short while, which is where I took up a little extra study to keep sane! After doing a few papers in different things of interior design, I was curious about graphics and photoshop which ultimately led me to pick up a camera. It's been a love affair since and here we are!

I enjoy the people I meet, the continual learning and creativity found in doing photography. I would liken it to what the Japanese call, "Ikigai". Look it up if it's unfamiliar, you'll find a lovely explanation for your new word- I sure like it anyway!

If you would like to meet for a chat before booking, feel free to drop me a line and bring any questions you have, at no cost.


Rotorua freelance photographer with a canon 5dmiv

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